Protective Film for Glass

Energy Efficiency

Manufactured for both commercial and residential buildings from low-rise to high-rise, glass film application to windows, boosts energy efficiency and offers substantial internal environment.

High- end Automotive Films

The latest in technology in heat-rejection is now available to keep the cabin of your vehicle cool in summer and warm in the winter, or alternatively a standard window films to reduce the effects of the harsh Australian sun on your car’s interior. The standard film is often applied to classic cars, where dashboard and leather protection is a high priority.

Safety and Security

By preventing burglars or glass breakage due to sudden impact, security window films provide an added barrier for the benefit of your family of employees.


With both a commercial and domestic application you can no protect glass, stainless steel, marble or Perspex surfaces from graffiti damage and vandalism with our clear anti-graffiti film. Traditional removal can more often than not damage the substrate in which has been cleaned. In the case of glass- after several graffiti removals, the glass can become etched and cloudy- often needing replacement. Our graffiti film can potentially save a facility thousands of dollars in one simple installation.

Decorative Films

Quickly and cost effectively transform a traditional glass shop front or windows with our decorative films. The only limit of visual affect is your imagination, as almost any design can be implemented onto and glass surface for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods such as sand blasting.