Intruder and Blast Protection for Glass

Glass scratch removal experts at Architectural Installations are here to offer you invisible and sturdy protection for your window glasses. We offer both blast proofing and intruder proofing for maximum safety. Contact the film installation team today

Wondering how it’s done? Read on…

We use a clear film that offers a strong and invisible barrier, so as to impart great safety for you and your property. This also eliminates your requirement for roller shutters and bars. With our intruder and blast proofing service, we offer supreme levels of window security. This shield is not just invisible, but offers great safety for your family or co-workers.

Your windows are meant to be for the view and protecting it with film is the ideal solution. If you need it to be protected from blast damage on circumstances such as explosions or natural disasters, we can offer you higher grade film to serve the purpose. We also offer customised packages for homes, offices and businesses to suit your individual requirements.

Anchoring Film

What we offer is the anchoring film. Anchoring film refers to the one that not just attaches to the whole window, but is fixed onto the frame as well. And that means, a great deal of pressure is necessary to get through the glass. This becomes useful when massive impact from sledgehammers, missiles and explosions is effectively absorbed and resisted.

When an anchoring film can give you a clear view of the outside world, why opt for bars or roller shutters? Yes, they are great barriers for your windows but your glass would remain sturdy and highly protected with film. You get to make the most of the view and sunlight, rather than being heavily blocked by other systems.

Give us a call and we will offer you a customized package to suit your needs.