Glass Scratch Removal

Architectural Installations is committed to offer comprehensive glass scratch removal service in Sydney at competitive rates. Here’s what we offer:


Glass repolishing, as the name suggests involve the erasure of any mark until the glass resembles the appearance of the original sheet as closely as possible. The end result depends on the size and depth of the scratch present in the glass. Regardless of the difficulty involved, we will make sure to produce the most optimum results for you. Repolishing is a time consuming process and is relatively priced higher as the process requires large amounts of polishing compound.

Scratch Removal

Our glass scratch removal service in Sydney involves a lighter polish alongside the application of a protective film. This process is not as time consuming and expensive compared to other methods. The use of polish produces a finish comparable to a repolished glass and brings in an advantage that the film further strengthens the glass and shields it from impact. Our trained and experienced technicians can offer you the service without causing any hindrance to your business.

Residue Removal

Apart from glass scratch repair, Architectural Installations also helps remove residues from the glass surface. In this process, polish is applied to the whole surface of the material. Doing so can abolish any marks caused by calcium & render residue or water stains that cannot be removed during the regular cleaning process.

We revolutionise the concept of glass scratch and residue removal through our services. With our efficient glass maintenance services, you can restore your glass back to form for the fraction of the cost of full glass replacements. Contact us today!