Retractable Pergolas Sydney

Retractable Roof Pergolas

We are proud to support Australian innovation and the local manufacturing community. We have shown this commitment by creating a partnership with a brilliant Sydney based company, becoming an exclusive distributor of their Architectural Retractable Pergolas, Operable Louvre Pergolas, Folding Arm Awnings and External Sunscreen blinds. Combining the latest technology, break through manufacturing techniques and quality seen nowhere else, we have a world class product, made here in our very own backyard. Best of all, each product is designed and tested to perform day in, day out, in our harsh Australian climate through all four seasons.


Each market leading product is designed and produced to service the needs of the end user. Careful, practical consideration is put into the design and manufacturing process so that is both simple to use, robust in function and visually impressive. The technological aspect should not be understated- with rain and high wind sensing technology available on many of the units. This option provides safety and peace of mind that even when not home, the risk of expensive furniture being damaged in heavy rain is kept to a minimum. The high wind sensor prevents potential damage to an open pergola or folding arm awning from occurring, when it retracts into the closed position.

We can even control the climate inside your custom made outdoor retractable structure- block out blinds to keep out the heat of summer or the cold wet of a winter day. With the added flexibility of a fully integrated lighting system, and built in heating- your outdoor area is now a viable all-weather entertaining space, all year round, all operated at the touch of a button.

We have truly brought the outdoors inside for everyone in Australia. We have the right product for every backyard in the country that could benefit from a state of the art, wind, rain and sun protected outdoor room. Call us to discuss how we can bring the outdoors into your home today.

For a consultation please call our team on 0435 222 889 or visit our website We would love to hear from you.