Glass Awnings

Glass Awnings and Roofs Services

Architectural Installations offers a full design, certification, fabrication, and Glass awnings and roof installation service. As we handle the entire process, this reduces time and keeps project management costs to a minimum.

Our process

  1. Share your ideas- Providing as much details as possible about the intended concept allows our design team to have a firm understanding of the end result- it is a great time saving exercise to have a clear and concise concept before making contact. Alternatively we can design your awning or glass roof with you.
  2. Site visit- We review the intended construction zone to verify if your concept is possible and how it will interface with the buildings façade. There are several ways of designing and fixing to a façade and this will differ depending if the substrate is metal, masonry or timber/cladding.
  3. Certified Engineering Design: We provide you with a structural plan/arrangement that is fully engineered and ready to construct. The certification allows us to quote a fixed price without the possibility of variable costs or budget blow-outs, that are likely to occur without such certified plans.
  4. Fixed price quotation and design confirmation. We seek approval from our client on design and concept, which allows us to move ahead with commencement of fabrication and installation.

The entire process is seamlessly managed by the team at Architectural Installations in Sydney NSW.

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