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Steel framed windows and doors are unquestionably the strongest and most durable doors available, while also being some of the most visually appealing. Due to the considerably stronger frame material, steel frame doors can be taller and wider than almost all other alternatives found in the Australian marketplace.

The Substantial safety and security as well as the minimal frame profiles are part of the reason steel framed doors and windows have become so popular in the last decade and are specified by many of the top tier architects and design studios across Australia. As the frames are generally custom made, you can also customise the glass panel sizes to match both a modern or traditional architectural style- far more difficult to mimic using aluminium or timber windows and doors.

The team and Architectural Installation can design, fabricate and install steel framed windows and doors in the grandest or smallest proportions to suit any space in any commercial or residential construction project in Sydney or Australia wide.

We invite you to include our design team as early as possible in the planning stages, as often it is advantageous to have your frame or thresholds made and installed prior to wall lining installation. Our subframe or final frame can be installed at a later date complete with glazing just prior to project handover. This ensures that the potential for damage or defects is kept to a minimum.

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