Shower Screens

Glass Shower Screens Installation in Sydney NSW

Clean lines and maximizing space are among the most common reasons we are asked to fit glass shower screens in Sydney NSW. Aside from the standard semi-framed and fully frameless shower screens our in-house design teams are routinely requested to design and fabricate brass and mild steel framed shower screens with textured glass. These custom fabricated and installed shower screens are often the centre piece of a bathroom in residential buildings in Sydney.

Architectural Installations use only the highest quality glass and fixtures that meet stringent Australian Standards. Contact Architectural Installations’ in-house design team today to design your next uniquely customised shower screen.

Tip – when considering the design of your new shower screen it is best to keep the shower screen door fixing off the floor to prevent the need to drill into tiled floors. Most pivoting hinges do require a fixing through the tile, whilst this look is visually appealing, it will likely lead to a waterproofing failure in the future.

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