Balustrading and Pool Fencing

Balustrading and Pool Fencing Installers in Sydney NSW

Architectural Installations provide a wide array of glass balustrading and pool fencing options for clear and uninterrupted views- importantly each installation is custom designed by our in-house team to ensure compliance with safety legislation and council controls, specifically relating to around pool enclosures. Council controls may vary across the Sydney metro area, so feel free to reach out to our team to discuss these requirements before planning for your next glass balustrade or glass pool fence.

Glass balustrades are custom designed to fit every client’s budget, the most common systems are fully frameless glass or glass with aluminium posts. There are a wide range of options for glass panels for your next glass balustrade project. The glass can range from 10mm toughened glass to fit a semi-framed system, a 12mm toughened glass for a fully frameless system to a 15.4mm structural glass balustrade that does not require a safety handrail. Further options such as tints or sand blasted glass are also popular for styling and privacy considerations.

Architectural Installations regularly work with interior designers and architects to deliver a unique or one off installation to make a statement in commercial developments such as the new Club Parramatta or high spec homes across Sydney. We are also qualified and professionally licenced glaziers that consider the Australian Standards in all our projects. We offer experienced, seasoned knowledge to our architects and design partners and take every project full circle, from the design studio, right through to installation.

Architectural Installations are glazing experts with a wealth of onsite industry experience to call upon – we thrive on answering any challenge on any job we commit to. We specialise in glass pool fencing, balustrades, stairs, pool windows, pool wet edges, shower screens and mirrors. We have the tools and knowledge to get small and large projects completed quickly and effectively.

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